Studies at the School of Applies Linguistics and Cultural Studies of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz in Germersheim 


 Examination as Certified Translator for English and French, with Law as supplementary field


 Authorisation by the Hanover District Court for English and French


2018: Cambridge Certificate of Teaching English to Adults (CELTA) at the Berlin School of English

Further trainings

 BDÜ seminar for literary translators in Hanover in December 2011, held by Christiane Buchner, literary translator


 ATICOM seminar for translators and interpreters in the field of law, in Osnabrück in August 2013, held by Dragoslava Gradinčević-Savić, court interpreter


 BDÜ seminar about the principles of interpreting, held in Hannover in August 2015 by Annelie Lehnhardt, head of the interpreting services of the German Federal Foreign Office


 VfLL seminar about gender-neutral language – workshop at the meeting of the association of free-lance proof-readers and editors in Hanover in September 2016 held by Johanna Müller, pedagogue and trainer


 See also my article on this topic (in German):  http://aticom.de/berufspraxis/geschickt-gendern-geht-das/

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